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Sorry, but the NOZzER Watch is currently OUT OF STOCK due to the microchip shortage. Please send your inquiry to, we’ll add you to the waiting list and notify you as soon as the product is available + provide 10% discount.

The device goes with the Standard sized strap (fits wrist circumference up to 21 cm or 8,2″).

For a larger wrist, please add the strap L size

If you take the strap L size together with the device, use coupon code “strap” to get $10 discount.

Full product description you can see on the Main page.
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Order now to get Free shipping & Free Returns from our New York/EU warehouses. 



Tips To Stay Awake For Night Shift Workers

By admin 10, July 2019

Many workers and other professionals are having the difficulty of staying awake on a night shift. Sudden changes to our sleep patterns can be tough on our body and mind. Sleep patterns of humans follow natural circadian rhythms. Meaning, these circadian rhythms are functioning like internal clocks affecting the way we feel, behave, and think throughout the day. Circadian rhythms READ MORE

Americans Are Tired Most Of The Week (they need NOZzER!)

By admin 18, August 2018

> By Niall McCarthy How many days of the week do you wake up feeling exhausted? If you really feel like a slave to your alarm clock, you aren’t alone. Only one in 7 Americans wake up feeling fresh every day of the week, according to a poll conducted by YouGov. Experts have traditionally recommended eight hours sleep, though seven hours should also READ MORE

With NOZzER Watch you wouldn’t worry about deadlines

By admin 09, March 2017

All students live with one principle – there is no better time for writing your term paper than night before it`s due day. We always think that we have a lot of time and out brain works better in critical situation. Moreover, student convinces himself that he is «night owl» and he has some hidden potential that appears at nights, READ MORE

Air traffic controllers take a nap and grab a snack while pilots’ calls go unanswered

By admin 26, January 2017

(This is pretty ordinary case, indeed. We just don’t informed about them if anybody  not die) Miami Herald reports: Police officers who entered the Boise Airport air traffic control tower after pilots could not reach controllers by radio Nov. 19 found one controller had fallen asleep and a second one had left the tower and smelled of marijuana, according to READ MORE

What’s Happening In Your Brain During ‘Microsleep’

By admin 26, January 2017

The nice article about dangerous of Microsleep from Huffington Post  Here’s what you need to know about one of the most dangerous consequences of sleep deprivation. We’ve all experienced it: You’re completely exhausted after pulling an all-nighter, and despite your best efforts to stay awake, your eyelids keep closing and closing until suddenly you nod off for just a second READ MORE

Exhaustion sometimes catches you suddenly

By admin 26, January 2017

In this information era you have to know a lot and manage to get everywhere. This can be fun, but takes up loads of energy, so that exhaustion sometimes catches you suddenly. And it usually happens at the most inappropriate time. And you know this very well: at work, while you are driving and in the public – exactly when READ MORE

These tragic accidents were all caused by a lack of sleep

By admin 25, January 2017

The Exxon Valdez spill. The Challenger explosion. The meltdown at Three Mile Island. Many of the worst disasters you can think of were caused by someone who was suffering from a lack of sleep. As bad you think sleeplessness is, it’s actually much worse. Exxon Valdez Chris Wilkins/AFP/Getty Images When the Exxon Valdez ran aground in 1989, it caused the READ MORE

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