NOZzER The Stay Awake Watch

Energize yourself! The device safely and reliably prevents you from falling asleep even for 1 second

- works silently

- unnoticeable for others

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How the NOZzER works

The science behind the NOZzER

How the NOZzER prevents you from falling asleep

1 When you feel drowsiness come up, activate the NOZzER;

The NOZzER will stimulate your nervous activity through adjustable electric impulses for necessary time with chosen periodicity;

3 Your brain stays alert and attentive, drowsiness is under control;

4 NOZzER works silently and stays out of views.

Additional Features of the NOZzER

Sportwatch functions

Time; Stopwatch; Timer; Sound Alarm; Gloves-friendly buttons.

Max current: 2mA

Working time:

-waiting mode – 180 days

-active mode  – 20 hours

Read F.A.Q.

Protected Hi-Tech housing

A really tough body with IP67 water resistance, plus

OLED display

Li-Pol battery

Wireless charging

Low Power Mode

Unique function: Silent Alarm

also known as 

Electric Alarm 

(it's totally silent, no buzzing like a cheap vibro-alarms).

Increasing tactile senses by electrical impulses will wake you up gently in a pre-set time, without any sounds.

Read F.A.Q.

Customer Reviews

Dr. Martin Phelps:

I love this thing, it works good for me. As doctor, sometimes I need something special to stay awake - and Nozzer is number 1 on my list now.

Annabelle Spielstadt:

So cool and so effective! I never thought that anti-sleep device could be so stylish.

Adam Parker:

You can put away your coffee, your cigarettes, your chocolate cheesecake and other toys you'd played before. NOZzER turns you on in seconds!