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Thanks for choosing our product!
Sorry, but the NOZzER Watch is currently OUT OF STOCK due to the microchip shortage. Please send your inquiry to, we’ll add you to the waiting list and notify you as soon as the product is available + provide 10% discount.

The device goes with the Standard sized strap (fits wrist circumference up to 21 cm or 8,2″).

For a larger wrist, please add the strap L size

If you take the strap L size together with the device, use coupon code “strap” to get $10 discount.

Full product description you can see on the Main page.
Order now to get Free trackable shipping & Free Returns from our New York/EU warehouses.

If you experience any issues with the payment, please inform us on


Order now to get Free shipping & Free Returns from our New York/EU warehouses. 


Reward program

Hello dear Customer, thanks for choosing our product!

Now we propose you to become our partner, and to earn a lot of money with us, just talking to your people about the NOZzER.

Let’s see how you can get $9,000usd/month and more.

We’ve put uncountable efforts to create the best anti-sleep device and bring it right to you. We know that NOZzER is the most effective, reliable and stylish anti-sleep device ever.

There is a big idea behind the NOZzER, that inspired us: to protect you, and us, and families around the world;

To help people in working, studying, to prevent accidents caused by unwanted sleepiness; often – save their careers and even lives.

Sounds too pompous?


We can say for sure, that a percentage of users were saved by the device. It may be 10%, or 5%, or 1%  we don’t know the exact number, but anyway it’s a lot. And each prevented accident initiates a chain of positive events: some of them could be a surgeon, who was going to save a children’s life, other could be a politician, who is able to prevent some crisis or even a war.

That’s our purpose, that’s what we’re doing – not just selling another fancy wristband.

So now we have to bring the info about NOZzER to all the interested customers.

And here we can use your help, so we propose you to become our partner.

We introduce to you a network reward program, which provides you a commission from each order which was made by your associates and downline – up to 7 generation. Look at the scheme:

You don’t have to become a salesman – just spread a word about the NOZzER with your friends/colleagues, and answer on their questions about how to use it.

The device is so cool, that it will sound very natural to talk about it and discuss its properties.

This way you can earn $9k/month, and easily multiply this amount.

We use special online software, which is simple to use, it will count all your commissions from all generations of your associates.

You have to do just 3 steps:

1. Sign up an account on (network platform), and get your referral code;

2. (optionally) Order the NOZzER devices on, using the same email address as you’ve used for account (IMPORTANT!), because the system recognizes your orders by email.

3. Talk to your people about the NOZzER and Reward program, provide them with your referral code, so when they register their accounts, they become related to you in the program tree and you get a commission from their orders;

Then, you’ll be able to see a Tree of your associates in your account (and to observe how it grows by the power of your words, and improve other lives. Also, you can see their orders (which you get a commission for), and the total balance of your Wallet. When you want, you can make an application to withdraw funds, and we’ll send you the money to your Paypal account. 

Here are the screenshots of  each step:

1. Creating the account on

(Please use the same email which you’ve used for your Paypal account – so we can send you your money).

2. Make your orders here

IMPORTANT: To get your dealer’s discount, use coupon code “together”, so the price for you will be $89/device (minimum 3 NOZzER units/order + Free express shipping)

3. Sign in to your profile

Your referral code:

4. Check your balance and withdraw your funds

IMPORTANT: To withdraw, the amount should be minimum $100usd

4.1. When you have received a commission, it will land in your wallet: Your account balance is positive and you can add a new Payout Transaction.
4.2. After using “Add transaction” button in the top right corner you are going to the new transaction screen

where you can choose the amount to be paid out and give an individual name to it.

4.3. Next step is a confirmation of the operation;

4.4. After adding the transaction you’ll see a new transaction in your wallet with “pending” status and the sum will be deducted from available funds. When the Administrator confirms the payment, it will get the “realized” status which means that the funds should be already on their way to your Paypal account.


Pretty easy, right? Don’t hesitate to join us and grow your own Tree! The NOZzER mission waits for you!


If any questions, please feel free to contact us on

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