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The device goes with the Standard sized strap (fits wrist circumference up to 21 cm or 8,2″).

For a larger wrist, please add the strap L size

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Tips To Stay Awake For Night Shift Workers

Many workers and other professionals are having the difficulty of staying awake on a night shift.
Sudden changes to our sleep patterns can be tough on our body and mind. Sleep patterns of humans
follow natural circadian rhythms. Meaning, these circadian rhythms are functioning like internal
clocks affecting the way we feel, behave, and think throughout the day. Circadian rhythms are
affected by the darkness or lightness of your environment. When a human brain perceives darkness
outside, our body starts to release melatonin hormone. Melatonin is the reason why we feel drowsy
and prepares our body for sleep.
This means that having an all-nighter is like fighting our body’s natural process, which is a tough
thing to do. Our body is naturally programmed to be awake during day time and resting at night
time, so it would take time for our body to get used to a new sleeping routine. If you are new to a
night shift job it can be tough to remain focused while your body is adjusting to your new routine.
You can’t re-engineer how our natural body function, but you can do some tips and tricks to make
your night shift easier. Here are some tips you can follow that will help you stay awake.

Drink Caffeine
Drinking caffeinated drink during your shift will help you save from the trouble of falling asleep. This
on-the-go drink can increase your focus and alertness. Drinking moderate doses of caffeine (600mg
or 4 cups of coffee) can improve your ability to perform a task, but be careful, for high doses of
caffeine (900mg) can cause symptoms like palpitation, shaking, and anxiety that will give you a hard
time to perform your work.

If possible, take a 30-minute nap before your shift and try to get 15-20 minute nap during your
break. Although nap is not equal to a full night’s sleep, it can restore your energy, reduce sleepiness,
and help stay alert. But be sure to get short naps for sleeping too long can make you feel groggy.

Keep Moving
Being sedentary for too long can make you become drowsy. Don’t just sit on your desk and keep
your body active to help you feel alert. Take a short walk, stretch your body or do some exercise.
This will keep your blood pumping and will increase the level of your alertness. During your break try
some jumping jacks or squats.

Use Your Electronic Devices
Whether it is a tv, laptop, mobile phone, tablets, laptops, watch, or portable game console, these
devices emit “blue light” that delays the release of melatonin which affects your sleep. Your device
can help prevent you from becoming sleepy.
Staying awake on a night shift is a tough challenge and requires a lot of adjustment. Developing a
routine makes a big impact on how your body will catch on. Lucky for us, there is the NOZzER Anti-
Sleep Watch that is designed to keep us awake in spite of sleepiness. NOZzER Watch uses electrical
impulses to stimulate your nervous activity through your hand’s nerves. This functions to make your
brain stay alert and attentive. You won’t worry about making a scene when the alarm hits for this

device is totally silent, has no buzzing like vibro-alarms. If you’re having a hard time staying awake,
then you can rely on this device to be highly effective. With the right strategy and the NOZzER
Watch, you can make night shift tolerable.
Author – Edward Cruz is a staff writer for, a website that provides the latest
promotional codes, exclusive sales and offers for all of the top stores in the U.S.

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