The NOZzER Story

The NOZzER idea was born like a reaction to a serious and still unsolved problem of fatigue and unwanted sleep. How many thousands of years the humanity exists, so many years we are suffering, losing lives, missing opportunities due to the fact that we have fall asleep in a wrong time.
We decided that it’s time to finish this tradition.
To make a trouble-free mechanism that gives a guaranteed effect against falling asleep – it was a worthy challenge. Have we succeed? Oh yes.
NOZzER can keep you turned on in any conditions, no matter how bored you are, and if you are strongly tired. It is safe, reliable, efficient and versatile. We want to bring NOZzER to everyone, so it costs exactly as much as any active person can afford.
And more:
Quality materials – yes
Protected and compact body – here
Water resistance IP 68 – yep
Timer, stopwatch, sound and silent alarm clocks – all there.

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Proudly, with love –
The NOZzER Team

The first prototype

of device was created quite fast, at that point it didn’t actually look like a watch, and more like a pager. We quickly outlined the main directions for improvement, as well as the obstacles to achieve a better result.  Later, all difficulties has been solved by the features of the NOZzER program.

The second prototype

already reflected the current view on the way to achieving best results. A miniature body, lithium battery and power management, a permanent fixation of the electrodes, easy operation, digital display and full-featured software – all were implemented in this prototype.

The latest iteration –

A set of professional ideas of elegant, organic, rapid and functional design.

Only best materials, only natural lines – all for reliability and durability.