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How NOZzER works

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When you lose consciousness - you experience a critical decrease of neuron activity (CDNA). It's almost impossible to determine this moment by sensors.

But you can feel it perfectly well. And, whenever you sense such moments approaching, you can preemptively activate NOZzER, a device that transmits to your brain additional signals - electrical impulses of greater or less strength - that you sense on a tactile level (adjusted to your own liking). During that, your neuron activity will remain constant so that you can avoid CDNA.

This technology is easier, more reliable and much more effective. It is called Active mind maintaining technology (AMMT). 31 volunteers took part in testing of the final version, and it resulted in fixing 70% decrease of sleepiness by special tests.

The method, used by our researcher PhD H.Luzenko to measure sleepiness - it's the psychological tests, which were conducted after monotonous session (with and without NOZzER). Volunteers wrote down their feelings about few sleepiness symptoms in scale from 1 to 10, and AVERAGE index of sleepiness decrease that we had seen is 7 = 70%. So it’s physically impossible to fall asleep when you use NOZzER.

How NOZzER prevents Microsleep

You are tired, but need to stay alert? The answer is NOZzER - a device that transmits to your brain additional signals - electrical impulses of greater or less strength - that you sense on a tactile level (adjusted to your own liking). During that, your neuron activity will remain constant so that you can't fall asleep. This technology is highly effective and will keep you in safe and readiness for any task - everywhere when you need it.

How competitor anti-sleep devices acts

Until now, anti-sleep devices have been based on sensors to determine sleep onset and then raise a figurative red flag - or, in other words, these devices allow you to fall asleep but then wake you up in a manner that attracts unwanted attention from people around you.

This approach isn't good enough for many situations. Besides, such sensors are often too awkward and too visible


  • Time
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
  • Silent Alarm
  • Easy setting
  • Long Autonom


Max current: 6mA (0.2 sec)

Battery capacity: 160 mAh

Working time:

-waiting mode – more than 90 days

-active mode – 18-30 hours


Steel body

OLED display

Li-Pol battery

Wireless charging

Low Power Mode

Silent Alarm


  • What is Silent Alarm?

    Increasing tactile senses by weak electrical impulses will wake you up gently and without any sounds in preset time.

  • What will I feel after NOZzER activation?

    Tactile sensations. Two small electrodes will transmit a weak current pulses for 0.2 seconds every few seconds, depending of the configuration, you can also adjust the power for a stronger or weaker sensations.

  • NOZzER does not distract from, for example, driving a car?

    Not more than the music from your iPod. All information about the road you get through sight, it is processed by the other lobe.

  • Is it safe?

    Absolutely. The prototype is certified in accordance to the State Standard. The current does not affect muscles or organs, only the skin and the nerves on a small area of the wrist.

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